Character Creation

Please use Mage: the Ascension Revised rules to create your characters, with the following alterations and expansions.

Before identifying the stats for a character, please go through the creation and history questions with the Storyteller. Develop a personality, background, and paradigm1 before putting numbers to it. Please remember that you do not want to min-max your characters, as this is not D&D. Mages will be badass enough on their own.

  • Attributes — Pool of 15 points, minimum of 3 in any category
    • No more than 3 attributes at 4 dots or more, and of those no more than 1 attribute at 5 dots without ST approval
  • Abilities — Pool of 32 points, minimum of 5 points in any category
    • No more than 5 abilities above 3 dots at this stage
  • Backgrounds — 10 points
    • ST approval required for anything not in the core Mt:A book
  • Arete — Start with 3 dots
    • Cannot be raised at character creation
  • Willpower — Start with 5 dots
    • ST approval for Willpower above 8 dots
  • Spheres — 1 dot in your tradition’s specialty sphere, plus 5 dots to assign as desired
    • Spheres cannot exceed Arete
  • Resonance — Begin with 3 dots to be determined by Essence, Tradition, and Character History
    • Must develop an essence flavor (Adjective) for each Resonance type that you have dots in
    • If you have multiple dots in one Resonance type, you can either apply both dots to the same flavor, which will cause it to have a stronger Resonance, or develop multiple flavors

1 Please see the Creating Magick section regarding paradigm.

Character Creation

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